Learn More About Walker Hayes for JCPenney

Upbeat clothing with down-home vibes for guys who keep it simple. Instant classics designed with functional, outdoor-inspired details in colors that work year-round. Live the jeans and t-shirt life with a playlist that feels as cool as you look. Shop the full Walker Hayes collection now!

Q&A with Walker Hayes

Learn all about the collection, and why you’re gonna love it!

Q: What’s your motivation behind the collection? 

A: I wanted guys like me to be confident picking out what to wear, no matter where we’re going. Plus, it’s always nice to feel good about how cool you look.

Q: How does JCPenney represent families like yours?

A: JCPenney is always there. It coincides with family, reminds me of my parents. As kids, the catalog was a bright spot in our year, getting the markers out and circling all the cool stuff. JCPenney has always been a nice piece of furniture in my life, even now as a dad.

Q: Describe the highs & lows of touring the country with your family along for the ride? 

A: We go everywhere together, and it’s a blessing. Wednesday through Sunday, it’s four dogs, six kids, and a ton of suitcases in a tube on wheels. It’s not always easy, but we’re together and I’ve grown comfortable in the chaos.

Q: How do you balance being a musician and a dad?

A: When we got to Nashville, we got pregnant really fast. Oops! But it was so awesome we just kept going. First Lela, then Chapel, Baylor, Beckett, Loxley and Everly, all two years apart. We kept having kids and kept not having hits. We were grinding for over a decade before we got our first big break, but we had each other.