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Best Diamond Shapes for Different Hand Sizes

Now that you know about the different diamond shapes and cuts, which one would look best for you? It all depends on personal preference, of course, but certain diamond shapes are more flattering for different hand sizes if you’re looking to purchase a diamond ring.

Diamond Shapes for Short Hands

Smaller diamonds are best suited for people with shorter hands, because the small size looks more proportional to your hand. A smaller carat size is ideal for people with short fingers and square-shaped palms, and the most flattering diamond shapes and cut are small round, marquise, princess, oval, pear, and asscher diamonds. 

Diamond Shapes for Long Hands

If you have long fingers and rectangular palms, you have several options to choose from and carat size is less of a concern, but you still want the diamond to be proportional to your hand size. The most flattering diamond shapes and cuts are round, princess, cushion, oval, emerald, and asscher diamonds. 

Diamond Shapes for Wide Hands

Larger diamonds are best for people with broad palms and wide fingers; you want minimal skin to show so the diamond is a true statement piece. Multi-stone rings are also a great option for people with this hand size. The most flattering diamond shapes and cuts are large round, princess, horizontally-set marquise, pear, and oval diamonds.

Diamond Shapes for Thin Hands

If you have narrow fingers and oval palms, just about any diamond shape will work for you. You could also go for a small diamond or large diamond, depending on your personal sense of style. That being said, some of the more flattering shapes and cuts are round, cushion, emerald, princess, pear, and oval diamonds.

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