What is Memory Foam?

If you’ve ever slept or sat on memory foam, you already know it’s an amazingly soft yet supportive material. Not only is memory foam incredibly comfortable, it also translates into better sleep, muscle-ache relief and for some lucky people (and the ones who love them), less snoring and the end of restless nights.

But what is it?

Visco elastic foam, or what we call memory foam, softens when it comes into contact with heat from your body, and molds to your unique shape and sleep position.

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Why You’ll Love Memory Foam:

  • Conforms to Your Shape
  • Provides Superior Comfort and Support
  • Relieves Pressure

Special Features

Some memory foam products combine even more great technology to give you the best sleep yet.

Cooling Technology

Channels within the foam, cooling covers, ventilation and breathable gussets within covers. Each one is designed to give you maximum sleep comfort.

Gel Additions

These material inserts work with memory foam to boost the level of support while keeping the temperature balanced for a more refreshing sleep. Again, if you sleep hot (or would just like an extra cooling feature), this is for you.

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Odor-Reducing Properties

Memory foam is packed tightly, so the product needs time to air out after ?opening. However, some products save time by including odor neutralizers that reduce or remove any unpleasantness.

Variety of Thickness Levels

Our mattress toppers offer a range of thicknesses (1" to 4") for moderate to firm support—at prices to fit every budget.

Where Should I Start?

Memory Foam Pillows

The perfect first step into the world of memory foam, pillows pack a big punch in a little package. From contoured to classic, the comfort and support of memory foam is available in a variety of styles and densities to fit your individual needs and comfort level.

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Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Want to get the full-body benefits of memory foam but not quite ready to take the new mattress plunge? Get all the luxury and cushion of memory foam in the most cost-effective way with mattress toppers. And don’t forget: you’re protecting your existing mattress too.

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Memory Foam Mattresses

They’re an investment, and one that’s well worth it. One night on their memory foam mattress and some swear by them for life. But what’s the biggest difference? Springs of course. Memory foam never sags over the years and mattresses tend to have a longer lifespan than traditional mattresses. They also fit standard bed sizes, so there’s no need to buy new bedroom furniture.

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