How to Buy Sheets

Sheet Sizes

Unsure of your bed size? Since mattresses vary in sizes, always be sure to measure your mattress before making your final sheets decision. Our cheat sheet below shows the standard sizes for the most common mattresses.

Twin Sheets: 39x75"

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Twin XL Sheets: 39x80"

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Full Sheets: 54x75"

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Queen Sheets: 60x80"

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King Sheets: 78x80"

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California King Sheets: 72x84"

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Also, if you have a thick pillow-top mattress, you may need to search for a higher pocket depth to prevent your sheets from popping off the bed. To find the depth of your mattress, measure from the top of the mattress to the bottom bead as shown in the illustration below. Keep in mind that pocket depths range from 12-22". A deep pocket is 14-16", and an extra-deep pocket is 17-22".

How to Choose Your Sheet Thread Count

“Thread count” refers to the number of threads woven into a single square inch of the fabric. Typically, a higher thread count means you’re getting a denser and smoother-feeling sheet, while a lower thread count can be more soft and airy. Thread count—along with the sheet’s quality, fibers, weave type and finish—have an impact on the sheet’s overall softness and durability.

Under 300

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Over 700

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Sheet Sets

The majority of JCPenney’s sheets are sold in sets to save you money and make shopping convenient and easy. See below to learn exactly what’s included with each size.

Twin Sheet Sets

1 twin flat sheet, 1 twin fitted sheet, 1 standard pillowcase

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Twin XL Sheet Sets

1 twin XL flat sheet, 1 twin XL fitted sheet, 1 standard pillowcase

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Full Sheet Sets

1 full flat sheet, 1 full fitted sheet, 2 standard pillowcases

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Queen Sheet Sets

1 queen flat sheet, 1 queen fitted sheet, 2 standard pillowcases

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King Sheet Sets

1 king flat sheet, 1 king fitted sheet, 2 king pillowcases

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California King Sheet Sets

1 california king flat sheet, 1 california king fitted sheet, 2 king pillowcases

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How to Wash Sheets

As a rule of thumb, you should always wash your new sheets before sleeping on them. This softens them up and removes excess surface dyes. Most cotton sheets can be washed in warm water with like colors and tumble dried, but you should always follow the care instructions included with your specific sheets to be sure. Promptly removing the sheets from the dryer will minimize wrinkling.

If wrinkling is a big issue for you, select a sheet set that’s advertised as “easy care.” This means they’re made out of 100% polyester or polyester-blend fabrics that tend to wrinkle less after laundering.

QUICK TIP: It’s a smart idea to have three sets of sheets for each room. With one on the bed, one in the wash and one in the linen closet, you'll always have fresh sheets handy and ready to use.

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