How to Complete Your Dinnerware & Serveware Sets

Whether it's Thanksgiving dinner or meatloaf Tuesday, we've got the pieces to set the perfect table. Our dinnerware is available in many styles, materials and designs, you're sure to find the right fit for any occasion.

Dinnerware Basics

Dinner Plates

The dinner plate can vary in size and shape but its primary role is to display your main course.

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Salad Plates

Smaller in size, salad plates are great for starting a meal or topping it off with a sweet treat.

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Pasta Bowls

These versatile bowls are an easy choice for an all-in-one meal like pasta or stew.

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Soup & Cereal Bowls

These also range in size and shape and are essential to any dinnerware set. Great for everyday, use them for soup, salad, cereal or ice cream.

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Fruit Bowls

These bowls are just the thing when you want a small portion of something—like fruit or a side dish. They're also handy for serving sauces.

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Coffee Mugs

Mugs help you jump start your day, enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up or put a topper on a great meal.

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Dinnerware Sets

An easy, affordable way to start or add to your dinnerware collection is with a boxed set. Sets can range from 16 to 62 pieces depending on how many place settings and serving pieces you want.

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Formal Dinnerware

Formal Place Setting

While the pieces are similar—dinner plate, salad plate and so on—formal dinnerware takes your table up a notch. Chargers and bread plates are often added for formal dining.

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Large plates that layer under your place settings, chargers provide a complete-looking table even if your dinner plates are stacked elsewhere waiting to be filled. For decorative use only.

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Bread & Appetizer Plates

These small plates are used for more formal occasions or parties. They're the perfect size for bread and butter or appetizers before the meal.

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Tiered Serving Pieces

Show off your appetizers or desserts with these double- and triple-tiered serving pieces.

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Serving Bowls

Use these larger bowls to serve mashed potatoes, green beans, glazed carrots and other side dishes.

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Serving Platters

Perfect for presenting your Thanksgiving turkey or a magnificent rib roast to the table.

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For an elegant way to serve hot tea.

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Casserole Dish

This multipurpose piece lets you prep and serve your food in the same dish so there's one less thing to wash.

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Gravy Boat

Traditionally used for gravy, it can also be used to serve salad dressing or a créme anglaise for dessert.

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