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Top-Load VS. Front-Load Washers

Top-Load Washer Benefits

1. Lower initial purchase price. 2. Minimal cleaning needed for machines. 3. Finish full laundry loads in less time. 4. No bending or kneeling to load laundry.

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Front-Load Washer Benefits

1. High efficiency and eco-friendly. 2. Wash basket is set horizontally, using gravity to pull water through clothes, using less water. 3. Less detergent need. 4. Larger capacity than top-load washers.

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Gas VS. Electric Dryers

1. Don't require a gas hookup or expensive installation. 2. Are 240V and require a 3 or 4 prong plug. 3. Initial cost is lower than gas dryers. 4. A vent is usually not required.

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Gas Dryer Benefits

1. Drying speed is faster than electric dryers. 2. Are 110V and require a gas line. 3. Cost of upkeep is typically lower.

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