Decorative Bedding

Whether you're looking for something to keep warm through the winter or a lightweight coverlet to keep you cool in the summer, we've got the bedding that will fit right in—and that's nothing to snooze at.

Types of Bed Covers


Can be filled with multiple materials that determine the weight and warmth. Whether you're looking for easy-care or luxurious, there are a variety of styles to let your inner decorator shine.

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Quilts include three layers: the top, a layer of batting and the bottom layer. Many quilt styles include piecing. Quilts are lighter weight than comforters, making them a good option for warm climates or for adding additional warmth in cooler climates.

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Lighter weight bedding designed to be used as a layering piece with coordinating comforters or bedspreads. They're usually quilted or woven and include decorative stitching.

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Bedspreads are intended to cover the entire bed and have a longer drop that skims the floor. Because of the added length, there is typically no need for a bed skirt.

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Duvet Covers

Pronounced "du-vay," these include no filling and use a comforter (typically down or down-alternative) that is sold separately to insert and provide warmth. Closures vary between buttons, ties or zippers. The advantage to using a duvet is the ability to change styles easily with the seasons and comforter insert weights to provide warmer or cooler sleeping. Duvets can be easily removed to machine wash.

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Decorative Bed Accessories

Bed Skirts

Dropping down to the floor, a bed skirt's purpose is to hide unsightly box springs. They come in a variety of styles such as tailored, ruffled or crinkled. Because bed heights can vary, it's important to measure to ensure the bed skirt you want will have the correct length.

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Euro Pillows

A large square pillow, usually measuring 26x26". It's sold as either a filled pillow or a sham that's used as the backdrop of the bed. It's recommended to style them using two to three pillows on a queen-size bed.

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Made to fit over bed pillows or accent pillows, shams are decorative pillowcases that typically feature an opening in the back or on the side so you can remove easily for washing.

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Bedroom Window Treatments

Matching window curtain panels and valances are available for many bedding collections to finish the look of the room. Curtain panels are typically sold in pairs and sometimes available in varying lengths.

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