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How to Measure for Curtains & Drapes

Learn how to properly measure your windows so you can find your best curtain option. Be sure to use a metal tape measure and round to the nearest 1/8" and list width first and length second 
(50" x 84" = 50" wide x 84" long). 

Measuring Width: (measuring the inside mount) 
• Measure window width (include any casing or molding) 
• Include at least an additional 4" per side. 
• Multiply by 2 or 3 for fullness (depending on fabric). 
• Measurement is total width needed.  

Measuring Length: (measuring the inside mount) 
• Start at least 4" from the top of the window. 
• Measure from where the rod will be installed to where the window covering will end. 
• Choose the length to fit your style!

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These drapes will touch the floor but do not break.


These drapes break the floor and will 
be about 3'' longer to create the look.


Drapes sweep the floor by using up to 
5'' of longer length to create the look.


Curtains puddle on the floor 
using up to 7'' of extra length.

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Let some beautiful natural light shine in, while gaining 
some privacy and enhancing the look of your windows.

Light Filtering

Blocking some light while achieving privacy, with lots 
of decorative options across colors, solids, and prints.


These curtains provide privacy, block 98-100% of 
light, exterior noise, and act as a thermal barrier.

Tips to Maximize Blackout 

• Hang your curtain closer to the ceiling and make sure it extends 6" past the trim.

• Consider buying longer panels than normal to block ambient top/bottom light.

• Use a curved blackout rod - it's specifically designed to curve around your window frame.

• Consider a longer rod to hang a full 6-12" to the left and right of the trim to block even more light.

• Consider buying a rod-pocket curtain to maximize light blockage (versus grommet or clip ring which may allow light to bleed through).


Top it Off! A Curtain's heading refers to how it's sewn at the top. It influences the look of your curtain & impacts how the curtain falls and stays together when you pull it open. 


Glides along a rod and create wide pleats 
that slide open to flank the window.

Rod Pocket

Slides into the built-in pocket. 
Can also be hung on clip rings.

Pinch Pleat

Hung with clip rings, 
pin hooks or back tabs.


A clean way to hang curtains—these panels 
have hidden tabs that create subtle pleats.


Features a series of tabs that 
allow the curtain rod to slip through.


Hangs across the top of a window 
to layer or add color to a window.

Do's & Dont's


Hang the rod higher and wider than the actual window trim.


Hang the curtain hardware too close to the trim and too low.

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