Decorating your dream home is an exciting opportunity to curate your living space and make it a home that encapsulates your vision, offering a haven of comfort and style. The process involves several key considerations to keep in mind that allow you to develop the eye of a design connoisseur. From selecting the perfect home décor setting to incorporating lavish textures and statement pieces, join us as we guide you through the process of decorating a dream home that truly becomes a sanctuary of indulgence. The journey gets a little more exciting with JCPenney’s high-quality home furnishings and custom window treatment solution services. 

Step 1: It Starts with a Dream

Decorating your dream home begins with a healthy dose of daydreaming. Immerse yourself in the world of design inspiration. Explore the trends that captivate you and, most importantly, reflect on what truly resonates with your individual style. Picture the perfect bedroom with serene, calming tones or a vibrant living room bursting with energetic colors that invigorate your senses. 

But it's not just about the colors and structures; it's about emotions. What do you want your home to make you feel? Is it a sanctuary of tranquility or a lively hub of creativity? Imagine the vibes of each room aligning seamlessly with your personality and lifestyle. Consider your daily routines, the needs of your household, and future plans. Balancing imagination with functionality ensures your dream home not only captivates the eyes but also seamlessly integrates into your everyday life.

Step 2: Prioritizing and Budgeting

Now that you've painted the picture of your dream home, it's time to bring it to life by setting your priorities set and crunching the numbers. Think of it like crafting your personal wish list – what are the absolute must-haves that will make your home uniquely yours? Identifying these priorities helps guide your decisions as you dive into the decorating process. And let's talk budget – the real MVP of any home décor project. While it's tempting to go all out, finding that sweet spot between wishful thinking and financial reality is key.

Update the foundational pieces of your home, to not only enhance comfort and functionality but also infuse your space with style and luxury where relaxation and rejuvenation reign supreme. You can start with investing in high-quality, plush bath towels. Opt for soft, absorbent materials like Egyptian cotton or eco-friendly bamboo for a spa-like feel. Choose vibrant colors or soothing neutrals to match your bathroom vibe and elevate your every day.

Next, you can switch existing mattress to a more comfortable one to sleep like royalty and wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day.


At JCPenney, you can explore a variety of options tailored to your preferences—whether you crave the contouring comfort of memory foam, the supportive bounce of a hybrid, or the natural resilience of latex. Like your mattress, you can upgrade your other bedding essentials, like bedspreads, comforters, and quilts. We especially recommend switching pillows with the ones that match your sleep position and preferences—memory foam for support, down for plush comfort, hypoallergenic for sensitive sleepers, and so on. You can also experiment with different sizes and firmness levels to find your perfect match. 

Lastly, add your unique flair to your bedroom oasis with decorative accent pillows and throws in patterns and textures that speak to your style. Infuse the air with the aroma of scented candles for a calming atmosphere.

Your windows hold the key to unlocking the full potential of your room's ambiance. Dive into this exciting journey of revamping your space by choosing rods and hardware that add a touch of flair. Picture twirl metal rods dancing with the light or rustic ones anchoring a cozy breakfast nook. We carry plenty of options for all home décor styles, rest assured they're as robust as they are stylish. Then, divert all your attention to curtains, valances, and drapes—the fabric magicians that weave tales of elegance. From mesmerizing sheers that whisper in the breeze to regal drapes that envelop the room in luxury, find the fabric that speaks to your soul. 

What’s more, for the practical-minded, made-to-measure blinds and shades offer a blend of functionality and finesse. 


Measure meticulously, then explore a world of possibilities—from sleek roller shades that play hide-and-seek with the sun to opulent Roman blinds that invite a touch of old-world charm into your abode. If this window decoration adventure is not enough our JCPenney In-Home Custom Window services are here! 

Through these services we strive to make the shopping experience easy and enjoyable for our customers which is why we put together a helpful guide to purchasing window treatments for your home. And if you’re looking for a more personalized shopping experience, consider scheduling a free design consultation with one of our windows covering experts. You will gain access to fabrics, colors, and finishing options like you ever haven’t before, along with designers to help you design a solution that matches your décor and fits your unique needs.

Step 5: Crafting Your Haven: From Furniture to Light

As you dive into the world of furniture and other home essentials, envision the functional elegance your spaces deserve. In your bedroom, seek a bed that whispers sweet dreams and clever storage solutions. For the living room, choose furniture that effortlessly blends into your daily life while flaunting style. Now, sprinkle in the magic with cushions, throws, rugs, and more – the exquisite details that unite your space. 

And now, let's set the mood with lighting. In the bedroom, layers of soft light create a tranquil haven. For the living room, mix task lighting for your everyday activities with ambient lights to craft the perfect vibe. It's not just about furnishing; it's about composing an atmosphere that resonates with you.

Step 6: Curate & Elevate

Now that your furniture has found its place, take a breather and really feel the vibe of your space. Notice any nooks hungering for attention or areas that could use a splash of life. It's the canvas for your décor adventure. Snap pictures from all angles and ponder what could turn those empty spaces into lively sanctuaries. Embrace a minimalist kick-off, letting each piece speak volumes. As you begin the decoration process, go through different options – a vase with a bunch of flowers, captivating wall hanging, or the allure of scented candles. Let your space evolve with thrifted treasures, online finds, or souvenirs from your adventures.

Step 7: Unleash Your Home's Storage Potential

Transform your home into an organized oasis with solutions designed to streamline your space and elevate your lifestyle. You can turn your walls into functional masterpieces with stylish vertical shelving. Mix and match shelves of different shapes to create a personalized gallery. Make the most out of under-bed storage space. Invest in sleek drawers that slide effortlessly beneath your bed. You can utilize this space for storing seasonal clothing or extra linens. 

Around the house, go for multi-functional furniture, like ottomans. They work as coffee tables and double duty with built-in shelves or drawers. Likewise, choose modular furniture for kitchen, home office, and kids’ room. We’re talking stackable bins, cubbies, and drawers. Another ingenious means to declutter your space is with closet organizers. They transform your wardrobe space into a personalized haven with shelves and purse racks that help you stay organized.

Step 8: Dining Delight

Since your dining area is going to a hotspot when guests arrive, turn it into the ultimate destination for unforgettable gatherings. Select a dining table that matches your home interiors. Pair it with so comfortable chairs that your guests won't want to leave, creating the perfect space of laughter and conversation. To get the conversation rolling, a show-stopping chandelier or pendant light might do the trick. Whether you choose a sleek modern design or a whimsical vintage piece, watch as the ambiance transforms with the flick of a switch. Then upgrade your table linens incorporate artful accents that captivate the eye. 

Place a center piece of fresh blossoms or pampas grass arrangements, hang a gallery wall of eclectic artwork, or showcase a collection of quirky sculptures. You can also place potted plants on shelves or windowsills to breathe natural beauty into your dining space. Now, invest in quality dinnerware and glassware that elevates the dining experience. Set up a bar cart stocked with all the essentials, ready to whip up cocktails on demand and keep the good times flowing.

Step 9: Add Your Signature Touch

As you approach the grand finale, make sure to etch your personality into the soul of your home. Bring out family photos, cherished books – the elements that narrate your story. Let it flow seamlessly, creating a living room that invites movement and a bedroom exuding serene tidiness. Imprint your essence onto the canvas of your dream home so that every corner screams ‘you’!

Consider this process as a journey to decorating a home that is not only attractive to look at but also comfortable to be in, and most importantly, uniquely yours. After all, your place is a means of telling your own story, so enjoy every step of the journey. Cheers to your interior design endeavors and choose JCPenney for your home furnishing needs!