8 Tips for Decorating Your Home Office

It's amazing getting to work from home; you can relax, have a coffee, check your email, or make a phone call, all without the distractions of a traditional home office setting. But working from home means you also need an office space dedicated to getting the job done, which is where JCPenney comes in. In this home office decorating guide, we'll explore various tips and strategies to transform your personal office space into the perfect place to work. Our home decor options will help you create an atmosphere to re-energize your productivity while also allowing you to express your own creative personality. Let's dive in!

Choose the Right Desk

Bid adieu to generic cubicles and say hello to an amazing workstation that is both practical and stylish! 

A good desk will make or break your home office set up, so be sure to explore home office desks with space-saving features, ergonomic configurations, and creative design hacks. We’re talking office desks with storage cabinets for your daily essentials, L-shaped desks for multiple monitors, and adjustable standing desks to help you move around more throughout the day. 

These amazing furniture pieces will help keep your workspace comfortable, functional, and beautifully organized.

Pick the Perfect Chair

Just like your desk, it’s imperative to pick the right chair when working from home. 

A regular kitchen chair just won’t do, and sitting on a couch all day is not the best answer either. Instead, opt for an office chair that offers adequate back support and adjustable height options to help you stay ergonomically comfortable while you work. 

Rolling and swivel chairs are also pretty standard when it comes to office furniture – some with arms, some without – so make sure to shop around to find the chair that will fit your space and serve your needs.

Accessorize with Accent Rugs

Your office will instantly feel cozier and more welcoming when you add a rug. Try adding an accent rug with a more neutral hue to help it unify the area if you have a colorful couch or chair, or consider a more vibrant accent rug to add a splash of color to your workspace if your space is more uniform. 

Rugs can also help protect the flooring beneath your desk chair, making them both fashionable and functional.

Inspire with Artwork

If you haven't already given your walls some texture, enhancing the overall atmosphere of your room with some calming and serene artwork will help. It adds warmth and personality while maintaining a polished, professional appearance. It will also give your teammates something to admire on all those video calls!

Personalize Your Space

It’s your home office, so make it your own! Outside of adding some art pieces or posters to your walls, consider adding a bookshelf stacked with your favorite reads, or displaying little knick-knacks and collectibles across your desk. 

Framed pictures of family, friends, or pets are also a great touch to keep you going throughout the workday.

Bring in the Plants

Having some fresh plants is another great way to decorate your home office setup – whether they’re small houseplants on your desk, or larger indoor plants placed in the corners of your room. The greenery will not help energize your workspace, the plants will filter the air to help you stay clear-minded and focused as you work on your projects. 

If you have trouble keeping a plant alive, look up a list of plants that can survive in an indoor workplace without direct light (we particularly adore the Snake and ZZ plants). 

And if you don’t have a green thumb, an air purifier is a great alternative to plants! Compact tabletop air purifiers are perfect if you have enough space on your desk, or you can go with a larger model in the corner of your office.

Adapt the Lighting

Compared to bright overhead light fixtures, accent lamps usually have a more calming effect – especially if overhead lighting causes you to have headaches. However, if you don’t have room for a desk lamp or floor lamp, consider choosing a soft white or warm light bulb to make the room more inviting, versus the harsher cold light bulbs that most traditional offices use (you know the ones). 

Alternatively, you might consider hanging string lights throughout your home office to create an atmosphere all your own.

Organize Your Organization

Organization is key for every home office. If your desk doesn’t have drawers or a built-in filing cabinet, pick up some desk organizers or a standalone filing cabinet to keep your things neat and tidy. 

You can also use your vertical space by adding some bookshelves or cabinets along your walls for additional storage (and decoration), or hang a pinboard or whiteboard on the wall to help you keep track of your daily tasks (and thoughts). 

Wall organizers are also a great option if you have minimal space but need more room to put your things.

Creating an inviting work from home environment will enhance your satisfaction, productivity, and well-being – and we hope this guide has inspired some great ideas to create the perfect office space. Explore JCPenney online today and find the right home office furniture and décor you need to improve the quality of your work life balance. Free shipping available!