Meet LaDarius Campbell

Men’s fashion and lifestyle influencer. Content creator. Entrepreneur. LaDarius Campbell is a husband, father and family man from Dallas, Texas, who champions the idea of “range” to help others look and feel their best, and in turn live a better life. He’s partnering with JCPenney and using his passion for fashion to show how Stylus can optimize every man’s wardrobe with versatility that’s undeniably next level.


Q: What led to this  
collab with JCPenney?   

A: Growing up I didn’t have 
much, but I figured out multiple 
ways to style the clothes I had. 
That rotation included a lot of 
JCPenney pieces, so this is truly 
a full circle moment.    

Q: What excites you the  
most about this collection?   

A: Outside of the confidence, 
I feel people will have wearing 
it—just getting to feel the 
fabrication leads to a whole 
different wow factor.  


Q: What makes your 
style unique and how 
can it inspire others? 

A: It's inclusive and entertaining, 
but educational. It's building an 
entire wardrobe with only a few 
pieces—what to wear, and how 
to wear it with confidence.