JCProm with Johnny Wujek

Meet Johnny

The creative force behind iconic looks worn by red-carpet regulars like Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Shakira and Nicki Minaj, Johnny Wujek is a star in his own right. The Emmy Award-winning costume designer extraordinaire has been dubbed the “King of Pop/Rock Couture,” and his disruptive style is all about expressing your True Authentic Self.

“As a kid growing up in the Midwest, prom was a major experience for me.”  @jwujek

An inclusive prom collection celebrating self-expression + glamour

From gowns with removable straps and reversible skirts, to colorful vests and suits with zip-off tails, these looks will let you rock the moment with your own unique vibe.

“For over a decade, I’ve been manifesting...creating, sketching, pulling tears for this prom collection.”  @jwujek

“Dressing up is a moment. My goal is to help people shine and be their most authentic selves.”  @jwujek

Best. Prom. Ever.

Prom is a big deal at JCPenney, and we wanted JCProm to come to life authentically. So, we consulted a teen panel, casted high school students and recent grads, and brought in content creator and high school senior Amberly Sara to capture the on-set vibe. We loved her energy and connection with teens on TikTok and knew she would make it count. Her videos do not disappoint!

“When I saw this collection...I felt like I was in prom heaven. There is something for everybody and it made me feel so confident.”  @theamberlysara