Resolution Solutions: 
Shape Up Your Routine

Whether you join a gym or work out at home, here are some tips to keep you fired up about fitness: 

• Freshen up your activewear and plan outfits ahead so you can hit the ground running for early workouts. 

• Make an upbeat playlist and grab those earbuds to get pumped up while you get that blood pumping. 

• Make your workout clothes work harder by choosing something versatile enough to keep on for coffee, too. 

Resolution Solutions: 
Spruce Up Your Space

The New Year is the perfect time to clean house and get organized. Get it done in short order with tips that really hit home. 

• Keep holiday supplies safe with décor-specific storage like tree & wreath bags and ornament boxes. 

• Find some new accent pieces to add interest to rooms once the festive décor is down. 

Get windows ready for warmer weather with new curtains or a shade upgrade. 

• Out of sight! Bins and baskets make for quick & easy straightening throughout the day. 

• Remember that clearing clutter creates a relaxing environment that’s good for your mental health, too! 

Resolution Solutions: 
Health Is on the Way

Ready for a post-holiday detox? Focusing on your health is just what the doctor ordered for the New Year. 

• Need that extra push to up your H2O intake? Grab a cute new water bottle you’ll want to reach for all day! 

• Remember to take your vitamins by keeping the bottles in a spot where you can’t miss them. 

• For healthy and hearty meals to nourish you on chilly days, a slow cooker can’t be beat. 

Wash and store fruits and veggies in bins as soon as you get home so healthy snacks are ready to go.