Mix, match,
layer & love

Create an ensemble you'll feel
good about inside and out.

Introducing Ryegrass: JCPenney’s Exclusive Women’s Clothing Collection

Ryegrass is more than just a new line of clothing; it’s an affordable luxury collection designed to complement your natural beauty with luxury, romance, and style. JCPenney is proud to give women the chance to build an ensemble of chic clothing with confidence and ease, featuring quality-crafted pieces that are inclusively sized for every woman. With Ryegrass, you will feel and look effortlessly beautiful by letting your natural style and creativity bloom.

Feminine Style with an Elevated Mindset

With Ryegrass, you’ll feel a level of sophistication and comfort like never before, thanks to the purposefully crafted details, easy-wear textiles, and designs that accentuate the artful curves and lines of the feminine body. These pieces are luxuriously refined, enabling you to feel carefree, confident, and stylishly expressive – all while capturing and reflecting your natural, romantic-at-heart beauty. The collection’s soft color palette is also easy on the eye, making these pieces easy to wear time and again while staying light and refreshed.

Effortless Empowerment, Inclusive Sizes

You are the main character of your own story, and the diverse styles found in the Ryegrass collection are crafted with size-inclusivity in mind, empowering you to craft an outfit that is figure-flattering for your silhouette. These pieces will gracefully provide a picturesque, feminine fit that you can feel good about inside and out. You will feel your best and look your best with Ryegrass, and your own sense of style will radiate through the ensembles you curate from this collection.

Shop the full Ryegrass collection online and breathe new life into your wardrobe today!