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Jason Wu Beauty

by Jason Wu

Lunar Beauty

by Manny Mua

Allies of Skin

by Nicolas Travis

The Phluid Project

by Rob Smith

Mintty Makeup

by Junior Mintt

Celebrate the LGBTQ+ Community Every Day with JCPenney

June is Pride Month, which means it’s time to commemorate and celebrate LGBTQ+ culture and activism! Take this month to uplift LGBTQ+ voices, celebrate LGBTQ+ culture, and support LGBTQ+ rights. Shop our Hope & Wonder Pride collection to wear your Pride. The design vision inspiration was a thoughtful blend that reflected times of passion of the ‘70s to a more quiet whisper of when we spoke in private. All profits from this collection benefit the Point Foundation, the largest scholarship-granting nonprofit for LGBTQ+ students studying in the US. We’re proud to partner with them as they work toward their goal - to empower promising LGBTQ+ students to achieve their full potential, despite the obstacles often put before them, and make a significant impact in their community.

Discover and Support LGBTQ+ Owned or Founded Brands

As we work to highlight and empower LGBTQ+ voices this Pride, JCPenney is proud to showcase our LGBTQ+ owned or founded beauty brand partners. Explore Mintty makeup by Junior Mintt to find bold color cosmetics created with kindness and empathy from Black/Trans/Queer point of view. Discover your new favorite scent with The Phluid Project, launched with designs to amplify the voice of today’s youth and celebrate freedom and self-expression. The Phluid Project rejects binary gender norms and favors an inclusive world with gender-free fragrances for all. Join JCPenney in celebrating Pride with unconditional love, respect, and equality with our talented partners.

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