Traditional or modern, casual or formal—a great rug can complete the look of any room while offering practical benefits.

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Add warmth to a large space or conceal less-than-perfect carpet. The right area rug can dramatically change a room and pull it together, without the commitment of permanent flooring.

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Enhance the look of your entryway or hallways. Runners are also a great way to create an interior flow from one room to the next.

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Available in a variety of shapes, accent rugs can add a splash of color or a little extra comfort to your room. Don’t be afraid to experiment—bold colors and bright patterns won’t overwhelm in small doses.

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More than just a stylish way to greet your guests, doormats keep dirt where it belongs—outside.

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Keep rugs in place and prevent slipping and sliding. Rug pads are an essential—especially on hard floors.

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Rug yarns are loomed together by machine or by hand, including braided and flatweave styles. Many are reversible.

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Rugs yarns are punched through a backing material to form a looped or pile surface.

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Solid or patterned rugs that are dyed using a printer.

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Available in a variety of colors and patterns, flatweave rugs are woven without knots. A rug pad is usually recommended for slip resistance.

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Rugs created with braided strips of material sewn together.

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Loops of yarn or fabric pulled through a stiff base.

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A design is etched into the rug via carving.

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Rugs created with the assistance of a machine that produces woven fabrics.

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Rugs featuring a long pile for a shaggy appearance.

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