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How to Choose Your Sheet Fabric

Pima Cotton Sheets

Loved for its silky feel, Pima cotton is the highest grade of cotton in the United States, featuring long staple fibers that contribute to its softness and strength. Pima cotton is only grown in Australia, Peru, and Pima, Arizona. Fun fact: Pima cotton that’s grown in America is called Supima®, which means "superior pima."

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Sateen Sheets

Known for its smooth, lustrous surface, this super-soft cotton weave can have a much higher thread count than plain weaves.

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Egyptian Cotton Sheets

This popular, luxurious cotton contains long-staple yarns with a finer diameter, making them ultra-soft and durable.

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Percale Sheets

A closely woven, plain-weave fabric, this is usually 200 thread count or less, and it’s the most-used fabric for affordable, everyday sheet sets.

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Flannel Sheets

This medium-weight, plain or twill-weave cotton fabric has a brushed finish on one or both sides that feels fluffy and super cozy. It’s a perfect choice for staying warm during cold-weather months.

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Microfiber Sheets

A very fine and tightly woven fabric, microfiber is smooth to the touch, versatile and lightweight.

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Tencel Sheets

Also known as Lyocell, Tencel is a high-strength natural fiber that’s moisture wicking, breathable and naturally reduces the growth of bacteria without additional chemicals. Perfect for people with sensitive skin since the fiber is naturally smooth like silk.

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