Home Decor

Halloween Decor

Halloween decor so cute, it'll put a spell on you.

Fall Decor

Add a touch of autumn to every room with festive decor.

Candle Obsession

Delight your senses with luscious room-filling fragrance.

Showcase your style

All the accessories you need to create a look that's all your own.

Casual Retreat

Artisanal décor in a refreshing mix of subtle neutrals and rich textures.

Timeless Style

Add understated elegance to any room with serene and inviting décor.

Globally Inspired

Rich colors & textures-- it's your passport to exotic locations around the globe.

Elevate your Home with JCPenney

Makeovers, especially the kind you want to give your home can be challenging. The result of any home décor project that you wish to take must reflect the taste and personality of your own. Otherwise, it might look quite right and yet fail to feel welcoming or comfortable.

Transform your abode into a personalized retreat of your dreams with the unique home décor at JCPenney. With a wide range of accessories, it's never been easier to spruce up all facets of your home – from floors and walls to counters and tabletops.

Home Decorating Ideas that Don’t Break the Bank

Looking for home decorating ideas? Have a look around and mix-and-match the perfect accessories to complement your ideal decor. If you want your home to personify your carefree spirit, go for a bohemian twist. Let your creative juices flow and bring in vibrant colors, patterns, and textures for a cozy vibe. Try an area rug or throw pillows for a pop of color; add strategic lighting and mirrors to make your home feel bigger or give your window a new look with new window treatments.

Give your living space the right amount of lighting control in many forms. We have the solution to all your brightness woes, whether you're increasing your artificial ambiance with lamps or decreasing sunlight and utility bills with energy-efficient curtains. You could also turn those stark, bare walls into a stylish centerpiece. Give your wall a personal touch, and nothing adds personality quite like a gallery wall. Check out the photo frame collection and wall decor to amp it up.

Spice Up Your Rooms with Accent Colors and Furniture

Homes are so much more exciting when floors are a mixture of colors and textures. Mix it up by unrolling a shag carpet or a rug in complementing colors to add instant visual interest. You could also go for a modern, chic looks for your home inspired by the urban, cosmopolitan environment. You could use accents like quirky cushion pillows, floor-length mirrors, and geometric pattern rug. Don't leave those cozy chairs and sofas hanging though; update their appeal with fashionable chair covers and enjoy an exciting new look with the same comfy cushions you love.

At JCPenney, we would love to get you started on the path to interior design enlightenment. There are plenty of products including clocks, wall decor, artificial flowers, candle holders and the list goes on. Upgrade your everyday surroundings from passable to amazing with JCPenney's gorgeous collection of both modern and rustic home decor.