Bath Towels

From towel sizes to fabric choices to yarn construction, our helpful bath towel guide makes it a cinch to stack up your wants and needs to find the perfect towel for you.

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Featured Fabrics

Egyptian Cotton Towels

A five-star choice and JCPenney fan favorite, this superior, high-quality cotton boasts incredibly soft and absorbent hollow-core yarns that get fluffier and more durable with every wash.

MicroCotton® Towels

Bulky, yet soft and lofty, this 100% long-staple cotton becomes softer after every wash, with minimal lint and pilling.

Quick-Dry Towels

True to its name, this 100% zero-twist cotton dries 30% faster than regular towels. The excellent absorbency and softness add to the appeal.

Fabric and Yarn Construction Glossary


The lower number of twists per-inch-of-yarn, the more plush it feels. The higher number of twists, the more durable it is.


Staple refers to the length of the fibers. Long staple contributes to softness, strength, durability and absorbency.

Ring-Spun Yarns

Fibers are tightly twisted together for a stronger, smoother, finer yarn.

Hollow-Core Yarns

These are specially spun and have a hollow-center core, making them especially soft, bulky and absorbent.

2-Ply Yarns

Two yarns are plied together, creating a more substantial, bulky feel.

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