Support, Foundations, Construction & Size


The core of your mattress provides support. There are four common types.


Features different types of metal coils to provide long-lasting support, conformance and durability. Coils that are interconnected are more durable, but individually wrapped coils help isolate motion from the other side of the bed.

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Memory Foam

Uses specialized engineered foams instead of metal coils to conform to the shape of the body, offers superior pressure-point relief and helps reduce movement to minimize partner disturbance.

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Features a combination of innerspring and significant amounts of memory foam or latex layers to provide substantial pressure-point relief.

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Tight Top

Traditional mattress construction with the top surface of the mattress sewn directly to the sides.

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Euro Top

Features an extra layer of padding that is sewn flush with the surface of the mattress.

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Pillow Top

Features a significant amount of extra padding on the mattress surface to provide additional pressure relief and comfort.

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Consider who will be sleeping in the bed and the space it will occupy. The bed should be at least as long as the tallest person sleeping in it.

Twin - 38"x75"

A twin bed is designed for one person, usually a child under the age of 18. It fits well in small spaces.

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Twin XL - 38"x80"

The same width as a twin bed, a twin xl is 5” longer—ideal for taller sleepers. It’s also a common size found in college dorms.

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Full - 53"x75"

A full-size mattress is designed for an individual sleeper looking for extra space.

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Queen - 60"x80"

The most popular option, a queen-size mattress works well in most master bedrooms and sleeps two adults comfortably.

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King - 76"x80"

Considerably wider than a queen-size bed, a king-size bed offers extra comfort and space. It’s the same width as two twin xl beds side by side.

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California King - 72"x84"

Narrower and longer than a king-size bed, a California king is perfect for taller sleepers.

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*Actual mattress dimensions are designed to be approximately 1” shorter than the listed size to accommodate platform beds, bed frames, bedroom suites, etc.


Without a proper foundation, mattresses can begin to sag and lose support.

Adjustable Bases

Allow you to raise and lower the head and/or foot of the bed for ultimate comfort for individuals who read, watch TV, use computers or have medical needs that require additional mobility. Some models provide massage, pre-programmable positions and power outlets for laptops, tablets, and phones.

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